Warehouse Equipment

Modular Industrial Buildings, Warehouses and Assets.

A collection of Modular Buildings, Warehouses and Assets. Including forklift trucks, shelving, fire extinguishers and safety signs.

Albedo, normal, metallic and roughness maps
Textures range from 1024 to 4k
48x Modular Buiding Assets
87x Industrial Props
4x Paintable floor materials
Animated wind
Collision also included
Demo Map

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions4.7 - 4.26
  • Download TypeAsset Pack
  • Website www.unrealengine.com

This is an incredible Asset Pack and highly recommended. All assets have decent collision volumes. The included example scene really shows off the flexibility of the assets and builds lighting very quickly. Great work all round, highly recommended!

We create premium asset packs.

A digital studio crafting beautiful assets.

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Modular Building Structures:
20x Building Walls 4x Floors 2x Rails 3x Ramps 1x Steps 5x Roofs 3x Scaffold 6x Warehouse Walls 3x Warehouse Roofs 1x Stairs
2x Doors 3x Gates 5x Ducts 3x Cable Protectors 1x Shipping Container 1x Electric Box 2x Extractor Fans 3x Filing Cabinets 1x Office Desk 1x Pc Desktop 1x Skip 2x Ladders 3x Boards 1x Cardboard Litter 2x Metal Pillars 1x Road Block 2x Rubbish 2x Tarpaulin 1x Window Bars 2x Road Segments 5x Vents 3x Cardboard Box 5x Fire Extinguishers 1x Fire Extinguisher Bracket 2x forklifts - One raised, One ground position 3x pallets 3x pallets with various boxed goods on top 1x pump trucks 4x module racks (50 snap) to make complete shelving system 7x safety signs 1x tall steps 1x wheeled truck cart 13x Grasses and Shrubs

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